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We are Slot Botics and we take games very seriously.

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Why Slot Botics?

Successful Team

Our team has great individual members who are experts in their positions. All of us have deep passion for our games and love what we do.

Compelling Platform

Our game offer a compelling "platform" along one or more dimensions. We not only compete with other games, but rather with the entire entertainment and social space.

Socially Competitive Features.

Play ours games with and against your friends. Form clan/guild by adding your friends to your team.

Surprise and Delight

Innovation of graphics, presentation and core game-play mechanics. Our games are new but recognizable and understandable.

Brand that Resonates

Audience will feel connected to our games. Our game's core mechanic resonate with the audience. So our users can play the game with minimum friction.

Frequent Updates

Our games are updated frequently. Most games have weekly updates with addition to levels, content, items, and characters.

"Slot Botics was founded in early 2018 with the vision of disrupting the Games Industry. We have brought together some of the brightest, sharpest minds and are dedicated to changing the gaming landscape for ever.

Our unique data-driven approach to gaming allows our players to have the most fun when playing our games. Our games dynamically adjust according to player behaviour, interest and genre.
Slot Botics

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"Slot Botics is
blending the real and virtual world"

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